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New Wave Music: Fans Distinguish It From Punk

I’m grateful to everyone who takes the time to read 85A. However, I was a little stunned to hear from some people who speak about 85A and its relation to “new wave music,” as if they both belong in the same breath. Well, we all have the right to free speech, but for Chrissake, they don’t belong in the same breath! True, Seamus loves PiL, which had a new wave following, and he tips his hat to New Order, but more because they stemmed from harder, more lurid bands like Sex Pistols and Joy Division. For better or for worse, he’d balk at the term “new wave music.” It brings to mind bands like Depeche Mode and Yaz, which were far too benign – far too much the province of the National Honors Society. 

How do new wave music and punk compare? Read 85A and you just might form an opinion.