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Antihero: Flawed, Yet Resilient

Seamus, the main character of 85A, is an antihero. No question. Now, archetypal heroes typically have tragic flaws and hard-to-find chinks in their armor, but an antihero’s shadow overshadows all their finer points. And so it is with Seamus. He’s an antihero with a mouth on him that could make whole wharves of longshoremen faint. His grades are terrible. Like Eminem, he’s no stranger to self-pity or self-aggrandizement. Though he wishes for racial unity, like many Chicagoans in the 1980s he is intensely race-conscious and conspicuously unaware of his own prejudices. He has only one friend (Tressa) in the whole world and lives in greener-grass dreams that always fail in reality’s relentless light.

And yet Seamus is as resilient as steel. Under thrall of his repressive home environment, he worships Johnny Rotten and hangs around the punk scene and other subcultures.  In the absence of friends, he’s cultivated a superabundant fantasy world and hopes for superstardom. In the face of a school that demeans and demotes him, he reads voraciously and clings to his goal of being a great actor and writer. To get to London, he’s willing to take on life on the streets of New York.

Antiheros often pull off heroic acts despite their many foibles. 

Learn more about a unique antihero by reading 85A.